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Welcome, my pretties !!! All you need to do, to be accepted in this community, is to post a paragraph about yourself that's going to go in the User Info so everyone can see what wonderful people ya'll are !!


miss_tiqe ~ I have a variety of names, so you can call my anything from Bagira to Mrs. Buzdugan)) I'm Russian, tall, intense and my moods are everchanging))
There's not much theater activity in my current school, but I hear theres a community theater which I'm goin to check out any day now)
However, I was in a drama class, children's theater, one musical and went ot he Shakespear Festival, so I know what I'm talking about, most of the time))


This community is not designed only for those, who are actively involved in drama classes, but also for everyone who is at least remotely interested in movies, music, theater, television, actors and their petty little lifes ... basically, we all do some acting in our daily lifes, so you might be an exellent actor without even knowing it)) !!